Best Handheld Vacuum For Wood Floors

Wood Flooring

Over 50% of new home buyers in the United States are willing to pay extra for hardwood floors. With good reason – it exudes warmth, pretty to look at, and easier to maintain than carpets. This is not to say that they do not require maintenance. They do, and vacuum cleaners are your best allies in your war against dirt. Here’s a guide that can help you sift through the mountain of information regarding the right vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

Vacuum for Wooden Flooring

Every year, manufacturers introduce new models of vacuum cleaner. This has made buying a new one more confusing. If all you want is a vacuum for your hardwood floor, you should know that most are designed as a general purpose cleaner. Using them may damage your beautiful hardwood floors. Thus, its important to know on what type of flooring you will use it, and use it exclusively on it.

Handheld Vacuum

A lot of buyers balk at handheld cleaners mainly because of the limited power and battery life. If the space to be cleaned is small or has plenty of obstacles (e.g. furniture), then handhelds are best for you. You can navigate through the room without worrying whether your cord will get snagged. For multi-level houses with big spaces, it might be better to look for a corded model.

Crucial Features

Once you find handhelds that are designed for vacuuming wood surfaces, look for these additional crucial features:

  1. It must be adapted to clean your specific type of wood floor. Some hardwood floors are more delicate and easily scratch. Choose a vacuum that has more padding at the bottom. Examine the material of the brush roll and make sure that they will not cause damage to your hardwood floors.
  2. Deep grooves in your flooring will require more suction power. Get the one with the highest suction power that you can afford.
  3. Battery life that is enough to finish cleaning your place in one go. Most handheld vacuums last for 20-30 minutes. If your place is small enough, this will not be a problem. For a longer cleaning time, you may want to look into corded models. Make sure that its cords are long enough to reach every nook and cranny in your home.
  4. Power is also crucial. No matter how small your place is, you will want a vacuum that does not need plenty of passes just to pick up crumbs and dirt.
  5. If you have pets, your vacuum should also be capable of picking up pet dander.

Personal Considerations

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all handheld vacuum cleaner. What is important is to take a good look at your own personal circumstances. Most people will have multiple types of flooring, and will need to consider these when buying a vacuum cleaner. Your budget is also a big factor. Think carefully before you make that purchase.

A damaged hardwood flooring is unsightly. Take care of it by using the right vacuum cleaner. While its not easy to choose the right one for you, your task will be easier if you follow the guide above.

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