Top 5 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum For Pet Hair

Cordless Stick Pet Vacuum CleanerCordless stick vacuum cleaners are perfect for either inter-week touch ups or end of the week deep cleaning. Heavy product segmentation in the Cordless vacuum industry has created an array of confusing options. Some are meant to be aesthetic masterpieces, while others are meant to be functional.

Dyson continues to dominate the stick vacuum cordless arena, but with some noted drawbacks (not to mention the prices).

If you have less space and desire economic durability Electrolux and Dirt Devil continue to deliver. Below I have listed the five best Cordless vacuum cleaners (in no particular order) based on durability, battery life, and aesthetics.

Dyson DC59 Motorhead

Both a winner for aesthetics and functionality. Let’s face it you can mount this in your living room and call it art. The noted drawback to this lightweight is battery power (it takes about three and a half hours to charge for a run time of twenty-four minutes). Needless to say, that this is not for a viable option for those with large homes. Also, and this is an added benefit, the cleaner can be converted into a handheld cleaner. Amazon has the product listed at $314.00 for its U.S. customers.

Dyson V6

I must say that I am a big fan of them and own two Dysons (I live in a two story townhome with two medium sized dogs). But one of the biggest complaints that I have with this product line is that large debris can clog up the vacuum. The company has compensated for this by designing it in an easy way to dismantle the brush head, allowing for easy cleaning, but this is still somewhat of a hassle. The Dyson V6 is a bit heavier than its counterpart, coming in at 4.5 pounds, and has a battery run time of twenty minutes (with battery charge time of three and a half hours). The bin holds 11 gallons and also comes with handheld portability. Dyson’s corporate site has this product listed at $299.00 for customers in the United States.

Electrolux UltraPower Studio EL3020A

This product is perfect for those big on Electrolux. If you are loyal to the Electrolux brand and familiar with its offerings, then you will have no complaints here. This model essentially preserves the look of traditional stick vacuum cleaners, but adds modern finishes (LED headlights and a futuristic blue finish). Best Buy has this product listed at $349.99 for U.S. customers. UltraPower Studio EL3020A offers a lithium battery with a charge that lasts up to an hour and takes four to fully charge. It has three cleaning modes, and weighs 6.3 pounds.

Dirt Devil BD20035Red

This option comes complete with a fifteen volt lithium ion battery that will render about an hour of work. It weighs about six pounds and is listed at $68.00 by Amazon, and is one of the cheaper options on this list.

Hoover Linx BH50010

This vacuum cleaner is last but by no means least. At $124.00 (listed on Amazon), this product comes complete with an eighteen-volt lithium ion battery and a reported twenty-eight-foot cleaning radius. This means that it is ideal for stairs and reaching underneath furniture. Overall, it is ideal for floor plans that combine carpet and hardwood floors.


Pet Hair tumble weeds are not attractive. Many of you reading this post have suffered from excess pet hair collections in the dark corners of your homes. Like an invading force that it is, the excess pet hair must be dealt with. And note that vacuuming once a week may not be enough. You need to touch up. Cordless vacuum cleaners are perfect for either inter-week touch ups or end of the week deep cleaning.

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