Is a Canister Vacuum Better Than an Upright?

There are two main types of vacuum cleaners, upright and canister. They both work using a suction force to suck dirt and debris right out of the carpets.

Despite using the same principle, they have very different designs.

Different Design

Canister vacuum with wandThe upright vacuum cleaner has its motor and suction unit in the same body. On the other hand, canister vacuums have a cleaning wand which is attached through a long hose to the unit.

An upright requires you to push it unit as you clean while the other type requires you to drag the canister with you as you clean using the wand.

Both types of vacuum cleaners perform the same basic job. However, which is better? Read on to discover more.

Features of Upright

This one has a design where the motor and the cleaning unit are located in the same, upright body. Thus, you have to push the entire unit in front of you to clean your house. The suction power is managed using controls at the foot of the unit.

It utilizes motorized brushes to stir up the dirt and debris which is then sucked into the cleaner. Thanks to this feature, this type is efficient in cleaning rugs and thick carpets. The upright does not have a hose attached to it.

There is no assembly required prior to using an upright. This is because all its necessary parts are packed into one manageable unit. There are also no accessories to detach hence storage is easily achievable.

Features of Canister

This type of vacuum cleaner has a cleaning wand that is attached to a canister using a long hose. The canister holds the motor, a self-retracting power cord and a dust compartment. The cleaning wand has a suction tip which you can adjust using a variety of accessories.

The size of the canister is not limited. This part of the vacuum cleaner can be as big as is required. Hence canisters can be as powerful as you need it to be and provide you with massive suction power.

Due to the design of this vacuum cleaner, the canister and wand are made of lightweight materials. Hence, they are easy to move around your house as you clean. Moreover, the wand offers you maximum maneuverability to help you reach tight spots. It offers you the opportunity to utilize a collection of accessories to the tip of the wand. Examples of these are:

  • A crevice nozzle
  • Special upholstery Brush
  • Mechanized brush

This gives you the ability to clean carpets and rugs much more efficiently.

A canister vacuum is easy to operate. The wand gives you freedom to clean bare floors such as vinyl or linoleum, furniture and even the drapes on your windows. This type of vacuum cleaner is also more silent since it is equipped with better sound insulation thanks to no size limitations.


All features considered, the canister vacuum tends to be better than the upright one. Firstly, it allows you more freedom to clean various surfaces in your house. This is made possible by the wand. Moreover, you can accessorize it so that it can clean more effectively. Thanks to these features, the canister is going to be a better choice than the upright vacuum for most households.

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